Token Sale (65%)
MRC is a utility token that can be used to pay for any fees on our platform, including but not limited to: Exchange fees, withdraw fees, listing fees and any other fee.

Team, Advisors and Early Investor (15%)
The team’s allocation of MRC will be locked and distributed over time as described in our white paper, to show our commitment to Mercato’s long term project plan. Our initial investors and advisors will be awarded MRC token, because they have provided us with capital, guidance and resources that allowed us to build a legal entity and a functional product, before launching the MRC token.

Development Fund (15%)
The Development Fund will be used to make targeted investments into potential projects and teams that can help grow the Mercato ecosystem, strategic partnerships, support blockchain events, hackathons and community development activities.

Bounty Program (5%)
We have allocated MRC tokens as rewards for marketing initiatives, bug finding programs, and advisory compensation.

Unsold and Used Tokens
All unsold or unused tokens during the token sale will be donated to the Ethereum Foundation.

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